Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's cooking, good looking? Essential oil lovers paradise of natural soaps!

It's just about time for school to start again here for our son. He's entering middle school. This is plain scary. He's growing up so so fast.

I have several projects I have been working on this summer which are all in various stages of development. New botanical perfume oils, Indonesian vanilla bean infusions, and new essential oil handmade soaps too.

Essential oils: Spearmint, fresh ginger and atlas cedar wood. Top is layered with crushed nettle leaves and the bar has french green clay. This smells INSANELY good. Very fresh and sweet.

Essential oils of cardamon, 10fold orange, clove bud co2, bergamot bf, black pepper co2, nutmeg co2, sandalwood, vetiver, amyris, ylang ylang, fresh ginger,5 fold lemon, rose clay.

Essential oils of Mexican key lime, Italian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, clary sage, Australian blue cypress and fresh ginger. This is light and fresh. A citrus lover's paradise!