Monday, October 26, 2009

What's on the soap curing rack?

Natural colorant soaps curing for the holidays!

SoulFire, Black Raspberry & Fig and Oasis

SoulFire with clays and crushed wild dragonsblood resin on top

Black Raspberry Fig with alkanet root infusion

Oasis soap with Indigo Root Infusion

Friday, October 23, 2009

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Mirth perfume sample vials now available!

Mirth Perfume Oil Sample Vials are now ready at My Skin Soap Studio! You can find them here for $3.00 each.

Mirth is a delicious blend of Indonesian vanilla beans, vanilla bourbon co2, vanilla absolute, aged Australian sandalwood, amyris, vetiver, myrrh, copaiba balsam, mimsoa co2, Brazilian orange, French lavender, tonka bean absolute, tuberose absolute, carnation absolute and benzoin in jojoba and fractionated coconut oil, vitamin e.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mirth essential oil perfume debuting very soon ...

For some years now I have had multiple requests from wonderful customers wanting a true vanilla perfume with no synthetic fragrances. You make not know it, but that ... it's dirty, tough job (in my honest opinion) to do right. Why?

Because vanilla co2, absolute, oleoresins all have their place and merits scent-wise, but, the problem is wearer longevity and lastibility on the skin. Warm, sweet like a perfect creme brulee, but alas, the aroma dissipates quickly from the skin without help from supporting essential oils. It was this natural perfumery challenge I spent the last few years truly considering, scrimping and saving my pennies to collect the necessary ingredients.

Mirth is an eau de parfum in an oil base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oil infused with Indonesian vanilla beans, vanilla bourbon co2 total extract, vanilla plantifolia absolute, essential oils of Australian sandalwood, amyris, vetiver, copaiba balsam, 5x Brazilian orange, French lavender, myrrh, tonka bean absolute, mimosa co2 extract, tuberose absolute, carnation absolute, benzoin, tocopherols (vitamin E).