Thursday, March 18, 2010

Amber Sambaca is finally ready and something new!

Order our newest batch of Amber Sambaca and choose a free soap with your order! Please list your soap pick in the comments box at checkout. :)

Amber Sambaca is finally ready for 2010! This years version is heady, romantic and dripping with jasmine sambac, new vanilla absolute and co2's, *ginger co2 and *organic rose de mai extract and aged Australian sandalwood. I find it to be quite incredible and I hope you will be ad delighted as I am with it.

Our new perfume bottles are handmade! The square green bottle shown is filled with 7 grams of perfume so you will still have 3 grams left in your original bottle after filling. Natural variances are normal and to be expected with these bottles. We have two styles available. A cobalt teardrop shape and the green rectangular with a glass rod applicator. Let us know which you prefer. The bottles are shipped, boxed and unfilled for you to fill upon arrival. This helps minimize breakage and possible leaking!

Ingredients: Amber resins meet essential oils of dark patchouli, *vanilla absolute, *vanilla co2,vetiver, *Australian aged sandalwood, *ginger co2, jasmine sambac absolute, myrrh, folded orange, blood orange, lavender seville absolute, *organic rose de mai extract, tuberose absolute.
*Indicates new precious ingredient or "upgrades" to my 2008 & 2009 and previous seasons formulas.

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