Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nepal perfume perfect for the arrival of summer

Nepal is my latest limited edition perfume perfect for the arrival of summer.

I've been judiciously coddling my last reserves of my 10+ year old sandalwood stash. Australian sandalwood was quite nice at the 5 year mark of aging and has lost many of the undesired higher, sharper notes that Australian sandalwood is known to have. Now at over 10 years old it is all smoothness and rich wood with a soft inviting mood. Evocative of warm breezy evenings that never quite cool off.

The top note in our newest perfume, Nepal, is the juicy sweetness, yet subtle floral, of gorgeous clemintine co2. Clemintine is a type of seedless mandarin sometimes called Christmas Oranges in California. Clementine cozies up to exotic cardamom and incense-y, complex labdamum absolute, also sometimes called rockrose.

Fresh ginger co2 mingles with lightly sweet strawberry jam-like notes of fir balsam absolute and opulent white cognac all marrying smoothly with Himalayan cedar wood, amber, creamy vanilla co2, deep woods of nagarmotha, aged amyris, a hint of rich tobacco leaf absolute all blanketed in 10 year old Ausralian sandalwood and vanatu sandalwood.

Place any order with us from now until the end of May and receive a free sample of Nepal while supplies last! Also enjoy our free shipping on all orders of $50 until May 31 2010 midnight P.S.T.

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