Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Book release = more time for soap!

Late last night my husband and son went to the Harry Potter book release party at Barnes & Noble. They didn't get home until after 1 am sometime but this left me with 2 free hours to get more work done, so I caught up on more soaping! I am on such a fresh ginger kick and can't seem to help myself. Fresh ginger essential oil is so expensive but it does not smell like a smelly socked dried ginger essential oil which is what is typically found for sale. Fresh ginger essential oil is many times the cost, but it smells divinely like you were slicing up fresh ginger root. It makes my mouth water it's so good.

Here is what got made!

Plumeria & Ginger restock - Plumeria, ginger, ginger and ginger, rose clay. :)

New Marmalade Skies - tangerine, fresh ginger, ylang, myrrh, amyris and bulgarian lavender with rose clay.

Bergamot & Blue Chamomile - bergamot, fresh ginger, and blue chamomile.

I have several flavors of lip balms to make as well but it's been a very productive week even if I had to do it all in the dead of night. I am happy to have this work load behind me!


zia said...

wow, I had no idea that you could even get fresh ginger EO. Where do you buy it?

(btw, I followed the link from the dish), gorgeous soaps!

Tracy said...

Hi Zia,

You can get it from EOU aka
Essential oils university.