Saturday, July 28, 2007

New soap and restocks, some new looks

These fresh soaps will be available the 2nd week of August.
Sorry I had the listings out of order. They should correct now. :)

I likely will not offer the blue chamomile and bergamot soap for sale due to it's high cost to produce and the fact that it came out very brittle and crumbled like ruins. It looks so sad but smells really nice.

Ingredients: Distilled water, oils of palm kernel, coconut, extra virgin olive, rice bran, sodium hydroxide, unrefined avocado, mango butter, babassu, sesame, macadamia nut, castor, essential oils, clays. Some soaps may contain fragrance oils in addition to essential oils. No artificial colors.

From Top to bottom:

1- New Lemon Myrtle Ginger essential oils of fresh ginger, lemon myrtle, ylang ylang, black clay.

2- Restock Plumeria & Ginger with essential oils of fresh and dried ginger and plumeria fragrance and pink clay.

3- Restock Ginger Mango Melange with mango fragrance, essential oils of fresh and dried ginger, orange, french green and midnight black clays.

4- New Cardamom & Blue Cypress essential oils lemon, cardamom, peru balsam, vanilla oleoresin, blue cypress and patchouli.

5- New Pineapple Sandalwood essential oils of sandalwood and amyris and pineapple fragrance, and french green clay.

6- New Marmalade Skies essential oils of tangerine, myrrh, fresh ginger, ylang & lavender with rose clay.

7- Blue Chamomile & Bergamot essential oils of bergamot, blue chamomile, vetiver and fresh ginger.

8- Restock Soul Fire essential oils of vetiver, orange, tangerine, cardamom, and peru balsam with aussie pink and black clays.

9- New Peppermint essential oil of peppermint and aussie reef red clay.

10- New Coconut Vanilla our own blend of various coconut and vanilla fragrances.


Anne-Marie said...

I love your soap and swirling. And, I'm amazed you made soap with Blue Chamomile. I've never attempted - mostly out of fear of the price! Did the smell come through much?


Tracy said...

Hi Anne Marie,


Yes you can smell the chamomile somewhat! I used it in a thick swirl that never appeared after cutting but instead left an odd shadow. The swirl was a lovely blue before gel. :( It's a sad looking batch, but soooo good in spite of it's appearance. I'd be happy to send you bar. :) Let me know.