Saturday, May 30, 2009

1 day left for My Skin Soap Studio Sale

New soaps are ready to go! 1 day left for My Skin Soap Studio Sale!

2 Days left!

MAY MADNESS SALE - 25% off all orders of $30.00 or more! Please be sure to enter code "MAYMADNESS" at checkout to get your discount! Sale ends May 31 2009 at midnight P.S.T.

New soap selections:

1) Cocoa Almondine- Essential oil of French cocoa absolute, a touch of almond and milky honey.

2) Citrus Madagascar- A blend of citrus, ylang ylang, blood orange, lavender, may chang and peru balsam.

3) Lavender & May Chang with pink clay- A pairing of lavender and may chang essential oils and delicate pink Australian clay.

4) Lemon Ginger Cream w/ Coconut Milk - Coconut milk, Orange blossom honey with 5-fold Lemon, fresh ginger and amyris essential oils.

5) Unscented naked bar with coconut milk and orange blossom honey - Organic virgin coconut oil, avocado oil and more.

6) Unscented with ground oats, coconut milk and orange blossom honey - organic virgin coconut oil, avocado oil and more. One kind is creamy smooth and the other scrubby for light exfoliation.

Our newest body cologne, "Sequoia", is a unisex, all essential oil perfume. "Sequoia" is really fantastic for men but we are being told women enjoy it as well!

This unisex all natural body perfume was created in a very small batch with green conservation in mind to serve as a reminder to treasure and preserve our old growth forests! Sequoia's aroma is green, mossy, earthen heartwoods. Australian sandalwood, lavender, vanilla, blue chamomile, rosewood, Australian blue cypress, oakmoss, treemoss and more.

Full ingredients: Essential oils of australian sandalwood, lavender resin, vanilla absolute, lavender provence, amyris, blue chamomile, rosewood, elemi, copaiba balsam, australian blue cypress, gingerlily co2, frankincence co2, vetiver, peru balsam, cinnamon bark co2, lavender seville absolute, nutmeg co2, oakmoss absolute, tree moss absolute in a base of jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil, tocopherols.

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