Monday, May 04, 2009

Come see what's new at My Skin Soap Studio

Here's what's new and on the curing racks this month!

All these soaps are rich with avocado oil, olive oil and babassu oil as well as hazelnut oil, palm kernel, coconut, and castor.

Pink Lavender - Our personal blend of various lavender essential oils and a bit of may chang which smells like lemon although it is not. :) Australian pink clay gives this bar it's lovely soft color.

Cocoa Almondine soap with pure french cocoa absolute swirled into a blend of milky honey and a touch of Almond.

Coconut Milk Orange Blossom Honey and Oatmeal - all natural no essential oils or fragrance added.

Coconut Milk and Orange Blossom Honey no essential oils or fragrance added.

Citrus Madagascar a blend of Brazilian Orange, lavender, ylang ylang, peru balsam and may chang essential oils. Swirled with delicate rose clay against a natural light orange background.


Unapologetic Me said...

Mmmm, that Cocoa Almondine soap almost looks edible and I'll bet it smells amazing!!! And the Citrus Madagascar sounds wonderful ... gosh, they ALL sound great. I'm still loving my perfumes. Thank you!!!


Tracy said...

Thanks Dana! So glad you are loving the perfumes. :)