Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm no artist, but ...

Managed to get some soap made this week! 3 new soap selections will be ready in 4 weeks! I admit to not being as happy with the final look of the soaps upon completion but that's what you get when you work with natural colorants in cold process soap-making. Sometimes it's a surprise. It's probably why I still love cutting new logs of soap each time.

1- A sunshine yellow bar with all natural colorants as always Lavender Mailette, 5-fold Sicilian Orange and May Chang essential oils. Rich in avocado and olive oils.This bar is more lavender than citrus right now. We shall see how it smooths out over the curing time.

2- A dark yellow bar - Plumeria blend, 5x orange and ginger essential oils. A touch of pink Argelitz clay. Rich in avocado and olive oils.

3- A a cream colored bar with subtle wisps of gray - 5x Sicilian Lemon, fresh ginger co2, black tea blend. Rich in avocado and olive oils. My husband says this bar smells just like fresh apricots to him! I found that interesting since I happen to love the scent of fresh apricots. Bonus!

Off to pack an order and work on 2 custom natural perfume orders in progress.

Hope you are warm and dry. We are set for rain all this next week. Rained all night.


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