Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waxing poetic

I know what you must be thinking ... this chick never updates her blog. I know, I know, it's been too long -- but I am back!

February 15th happens to be my brothers birthday. My Aunts birthday is on Feb 14th, Valentines Day!

Well, would you believe my new sister, Paulette's birthday is also on Feb 15th?! Kind of wild! Some of you may recall reading my story here back in late April or May of last year. I found my biological family after 41 years and have a full sister who is 10 months older than me. I grew up in a great family as the youngest child of 3. My two older brothers and me as the baby.

I can't tell you how my life has changed in a way I never thought it would. It is still very surreal.

So, this brings me to Valentine's Day. It is an over sensationalized commercial holiday I am first to admit. However, I am an undeniable romantic deep at heart. My husband and I don't often do anything for the day and it suits us just fine for the most part. Except, all of the sudden I am feeling all gooey and sentimental. Perhaps I have been huffing too much jasmine sambac absolute.

What scent says love to you? I am not a rose girl because it often triggers headaches for me but I can use in in tiny amounts in a formula.

The scents that say love to me would by jasmine sambac, cardamom, cocoa absolute, vetiver, spices, orange blossom, tuberose absolute. I could go on and on so I guess I will just stop there.

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lindsey said...

:-) I'm ssoo glad u finally found the family!! :-) its AWESOME to know that I have family out there that i've never met, but hopefully soon to meet!! :-) When my dad went down there and met u, he came back happier than ever finally being able to meet u!! :-) ur awesome!! :-) btw im ssoo in love with the chapstick!! :-P i'm a freak about lip things!! lol

Teresa said...

Definitely Jasmine!
Tuberose is LOVEly also....but Jasmine has the ability to totally enchant and hypnotize me!
I also have 5 family members with birthdays on or around Feb 14th.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Angelic Soap

Tracy said...

Hi Lindsey, thanks for writing! It was great meeting my half brother and your Dad! It's all still very surreal to me. Glad you are loving the lip balm. Good stuff!

Hi Teresa, Interesting on the birthdays, huh? Yes, I would absolutely agree with you that jasmine is very hypnotic.